Tawaf Tasbeeh (7 Beads)


  • 7 beads
  • Light weight
  • White plastic beads
  • Ring for easy to hold


Tawaf tasbeeh is used during hajj and umrah to count the number of tawaaf rounds/laps for Khana Kaaba.

Step#1: During tawaf insert your finger inside the ring of tasbeeh.
Step#2: Now move one bead when you completed the first round.
Step#3: Repeat step 2 for all rounds.

This tasbeeh is very helpful during tawaf of Kaaba because it is hard to remember the number of rounds / laps.
Moreover, there are also some Zikar (or dua) which are 7 in number. So this tasbeeh can also be used for that purpose.

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Additional information

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