Big Round Beads Tasbeeh (Brown)


  • 33 beads
  • Big round beads
  • Wooden look
  • Dark Brown color
  • Plastic beads
  • Light weight
  • Elegant and decent
  • Fine finishing of beads
  • Comfortable for fingers

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While used in many other religions – Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity – prayer beads in Islam are known by different names – misbaha, sub’ha, dhikr beads, tasbih or tasbeeha. They come in different shapes, sizes and textures, and usually have 33 round beads separated by flat or bigger beads into three groups. There’s often a large leader bead and a tassel at one end to mark the start point of recitations.

The worshipper touches one bead at a time reciting words of dhikr (remembrance of Allah). These recitations can be the 99 names of Allah or phrases that praise God. The phrases often repeated include: Subhan Allah (Glory to Allah) 33 times; Alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah) 33 times; and Allahu Akbar (Allah is greatest) 33 times.

During the Prophet’s time, people used their hands to recite the phrases and this practice is still common today. Pebbles were also used to count prayers.

As to continue this practice,we are providing you beads tasbeeh with small and large beads at your doorstep.

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Additional information

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